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Official ICA Membership Application
Company or Brand Name:
Zip or Postal Code:

Email Address:
Website Address:

I am applying for Cuemaker____,  Cue-Repairman____, Apprentice____, Supplier____, Associate____, or Cue-Manufacturer____, Membership.
The year you started making cues regularly:

The year you started repairing cues regularly:
What price do your cues start at:
Do you have partners or helpers you want recognized? Yes____,  No____.
Their names:
Do you have any past due bills with any cuemaking materials suppliers?  Yes____,  No____.
If yes, provide details:
Do you have any issues with any of our members that might create conflicts if we accept you as a member? Yes____,  No____.
If yes, provide details:
Have you read the membership requirements listed on our website and agree that you meet those requirements and agree to keeping those terms for membership?  Yes____,  No____.

I understand that my enclosed membership fee of $250 will be refunded if application is declined. I am enclosing (or have emailed) pictures for obtaining membership level if requested. I also understand that making any false claims on this application may result in dismissal from membership without any refunds and I agree to allow ICA to do a suppliers credit check:



Make Checks to: International Cuemakers Association  444 Flint Hill Road  Aragon, GA 30104


The Year you started this business:

Brief Description of your business and items you sell:

Do you desire to offer our members a discount? Yes____,  No____, Maybe____.

If Yes or Maybe: contact us to discuss details such as items discounted and minimum purchase requirments and find out if you qualify for free ICA Supplier membership. Phone 770-684-7004 or Email

international cue makers
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